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    12 Pieces Of Modern Poetry That Will Make You Deadass Cry If You've Ever Been In A Relationship

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

    1. "With Eyes Shut" by S.K.K.

    2. "Breath" by Shelby Leigh

    3. "Homesick" by Orion Carloto

    4. "Out of time" by Lukas W.

    5. "Rush" by h.w.

    6. "Untitled" by MK

    7. "Empty" by Raven

    8. "With You" by Chris Mc Geown

    9. "Mahmoud" by Viola CN

    10. "My Love" by Celtic-Poetry

    11. "Remnants" by Jay Pierce

    12. "Unspoken Goodbyes" by Mito Akuro