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17 Times Kelly And Ryan From "The Office" Were Literally The Worst Couple Ever

"Yeah, I have a lot of questions. Number one: How dare you?"

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6. And when Kelly faked a pregnancy to get his attention when he came back to visit:

Kelly: "Well, I hope you're still committed because I'm pregnant."

7. When Ryan refused to give Kelly his jacket at Andy's garden party:

Kelly: "I am so cold."

Ryan: "That's because you didn't bring a jacket."


12. When Ryan broke up with her again in the most "adult" way possible so he could go to Thailand:


Ryan: Let's be adults about this. Let's have sex one more time, and if you have any extra cash, that would be amazing.

14. And when Ryan tried to remind Kelly of the "good times" they had:

17. ...There was still something sweet about them running off into the sunset, dysfunction and all.

Ryan: "I love you!"

Kelly: "I love you too!"

Ryan: "We're gonna be together forever!"

Kelly: "We're running off into the sunset!"

Ryan: "I finally mastered committment!"