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    Rihanna Is Taking Us Back To School With Her University Collection And I Want To Buy All Of It

    For all the ~bad gals~ out there.

    Just when our wallets were beginning to recover from Fenty Beauty, Rihanna turned around and dropped another collection to sweat over.

    Roc Nation/Westbury Road / Via

    Seriously, can any of us even keep up?

    She first revealed her Fenty Puma Fall/Winter collection during Paris Fashion Week, and, honestly, aren't these the best good-student-gone-bad looks you've ever seen?

    Alain Jocard / AFP / Getty Images

    Literally, every single look is a LOOK.

    Getty Images

    Rihanna really came TF through.

    And now, after what feels like years of waiting, the Fenty University collection has finally hit stores.


    Here are some pieces from the (pretty pricey) collection:

    1. This dress that is ready for both the tennis courts AND the club:

    Puma / Via, Puma

    Get it here for $170.

    2. This hoodie that reminds me of every time I got a detention for talking and passing notes during class:


    Get it here for $130.

    3. This unisex tee that could either represent Fenty University or ya know...FU:

    Puma / Via, Puma

    Get it here for $110.

    4. These pair of sneakers that come with their own ankle strap for those '90s goth vibes:

    Puma / Via, Puma

    Get them here for $190.

    5. This hoodie that will help you be ~true~ to your school even if you never varsity-lettered:


    Get it here for $150.

    6. This cropped polo that's an updated version of those starchy school uniforms:

    Puma / Via, Puma

    Get it here for $80.

    7. This satin track jacket that has MATCHING PANTS:

    Puma / Via, Puma

    Get the jacket here for $260 and the pants here for $220.

    8. This jersey bodysuit that puts the physical back in physical education:


    Get it here for $140.

    9. This mascot bear backpack that is SO CUTE it doesn't even have to be that functional:


    Get it here for $250.

    10. And this cap that's a perfect way to own a less expensive piece of the collection (and that's especially perfect for those dry-shampoo days):


    Get it here for $50.

    Thank you, Queen Rihanna. You've slayed my entire existence, once again.

    Westbury Road / Roc Nation / Via

    You can view the full collection here.