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    Sep 25, 2017

    People Are Insisting That Shania Twain And Harry Styles Should Collab And Honestly I'm Living

    A legend with a legend.

    If you ever listened to country music in the '90s, or actually ever, you might be familiar with Shania Twain.

    Mercury Nashville

    Its been like 1000 years since I've listened to country music but with bops like "That Don't Impress Me Much" or "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" how could you not remember her as an #icon?

    Well while Ms. Twain is getting ready to drop a brand new album (!!!), she also just casually met none other than the man, myth, and legend Harry Styles.

    And, after seeing the two together, Twitter did what it usually does and flipped the hell out.

    styIestins / Via Twitter: @styIestins
    EstefanaStyles / Via Twitter: @EstefanaStyles
    thholyghost / Via Twitter: @thholyghost

    And people immediately began begging for a collab.

    engIishrosed / Via Twitter: @engIishrosed
    LarryRainbows78 / Via Twitter: @LarryRainbows78
    JustHoldSel / Via Twitter: @JustHoldSel

    Until then, we'll be waiting!


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