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  • Fox News Anchor in Lingerie!

    Fox news anchor, Megyn Kelly, poses in Dolce & Gabbana lingerie for GQ magazine. My question: What exactly is this conveying about news anchors? I’m sure as a beautiful blonde (Fox’s favorite) she’s had a tough time having the male-dominated news industry take her seriously. So why take off her clothes? View Image ›

  • J.Crew Is Selling Out!

    Don’t do it J. Crew! J. Crew confirmed today that they are selling themselves for $3 billion to two private equity firms. This comes on the heels of J. Crew reporting a 3rd quarter annual loss. I wonder what this means for the shoppers?

  • Shoppers Might As Well Have Splurged On Real Lanvin

    There was much hype about Lanvin’s collaboration with H&M. People were lined up well before the 8am call this past Saturday. Lots of chaos ensued, there was even a rumor started on Twitter that there was a stabbing. Turned out to be false… thankfully. Dresses were still pricier than most H&M clothes sold, running around $200 to $300. Shoppers said they spent $1,000 to $3,000 on merchandise. Wouldn’t they have wanted to save up to buy the real thing?

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