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    Permanent Makeup Is Never An Emergency!

    Eyebrow Microblading has become quite the buzzword in the beauty world over the past few years and with the increased interest, permanent makeup is also back on the radar for lips, eyeliner and that famous Kardashian ombre brow. Permanent makeup can take years off your face, help you do makeup with ease or not need to 'do' any makeup at all, it can be really amazing for some people! But what happens when an industry gets flooded with un or under trained technicians? The result can be very scary! Here's a handy guide to help you choose an artist who knows their stuff! And some tips for what to expect when you decide this is something you want to do!

    Be a SMART Consumer!

    Good Tattoos Aren't Cheap and Cheap Tattoos Aren't Good!

    This is PERMANENT.

    Look & Ask for Photos!

    Look & Ask for Healed Photos!

    Ask about Training!

    You WILL Need a Touch Up.

    Be Patient, Wait for the Artist you WANT.

    Take Healing Time into Consideration when Booking.

    With the Right Artist, Permanent Makeup can be Absolutely Gorgeous!