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The Alphabet Food Favorites

This is a list I compiled of my favorite foods from A-Z. Have fun! Comment below your favorites, recommendations, and comments.

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Uh someone? #Basicbitch alert. DON'T TELL ME WHAT I LIKE AND DON'T LIKE! I'll eat avocados with my toast in the morning, eat it raw (but wait, avocados are eaten...usually) with salt and pepper, guacamole, in salad and in sushi (yass avocado/eel sushi), etc.

2. B.) BANH MI


I honestly love all sandwiches from Reubens, Philly Cheesesteak to the standard grilled cheese but gurlll don't get me started on the Banh Mi! The sweet and sour crunch of the pickled carrots, the meatiness of the pork roll and ham, that flavorful taste of the liver pate spread. #vietnameseroots WHOOHOO



#TB to the days my parents would bring this back home from their trip to Chinatown along with roast pork, chinese bakery goods, and Cheong Fun (rice noodle roll). Sweet and savory, best with rice and a side of veggies. Sauce is not needed for this. #nofilter

4. D.) DIM SUM


Bringing back my #chineseroots. I enjoyed Dim Sum brunch in my childhood, and I still do now. Move aside bacon&egg&cheese, bagels, waffles, and pancakes! What more do you want than tea over egg custard tarts, Shrimp and Beef Cheong Fun, chicken feet, beef tripes with radish, steamed pork buns, soup dumplings, fried sesame balls, Pork Siu Mai (MUST EAT), etc. (Look into Joy Luck Palace, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, in NYC)

5. E.) Eel (Unagi)


Sweet, slimy, slippery on my tongue (don't think ill thoughts, you perv!), eel avocado sushi, or Unagi (grilled eel) on rice is one of my favorite dishes to get in Japanese restaurants. I wanted to say Eggs for E, but there's too many to list. (Are you team sunny-side up, scrambled, omellette, over easy?)

6. F.) FRIES


Yes I know its a potato pooping fries out. Isn't it hilarious?! XD No? ok. But back to the topic of fries, there are so many type of fries and SO MANY TOPPINGS/SAUCES to put on them: tater tots, shoestring fries, waffle fries, potato wedges, CURLY FRIES, Poutine, Nacho fries! The list goes on...



Hi, my name is Kim and I'm a Gummybear-aholic. My love for gummy bears is unreal, I probably have gummy bears at least once a week (but I'm trying my best to limit my intake of them). I don't know why they're so addicting. My favorites are Gold Bears gummy bears. *Note: Someone please send help, I'm running low. :'(

8. H.) HOT POT


I wanted to write Hamburgers but Asian Hot Pot boils deep in my blood! So I had to put it down. It's basically a pot of hot boiling water shared in the center of the table and you have vegetable sides, noodles, seafood, and meats. You cook it in the pot of water and once cooked you deep it in whatever condiments of your choosing. (99 Favor Taste and Hometown Hotpot&BBQ in NYC)



ICE CREAM ABOVE ALL OF ELSE. My favorites are Ben&Jerry "Everything But The..." and "Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core." But I also enjoy all Good Humor ice cream sandwiches, Toasted Almond, and Strawberry Shortcake from the ice cream trucks that come around in the summers from my childhood. They also made this Birthday Cake ice cream flavor that tastes exactly how it sounds.

10. J.) JALEBI


The first time I had Jalebi, I was in one of my Indian classmate's house. I wasn't used to Indian cuisine at all and that time she was celebrating Eid so she had alot food and sweets in her fridge. She invited me try some of her Indian sweets, one of them was Jalebi which I instantly liked. Its a fried chewy doughy confectionery smothered in sugar syrup. It reminds me of funnel cake.

11. K.) KATSU


Chicken Katsu, or fried lightly breaded chicken, Tonkatsu (pork) and can also be used for beef. They use panko bread crumbs, rather than tempura. It's delicious with katsu sauce (japanese Worcestershire/bbq sauce) over rice.



I like sour sweet things, and when choosing candy I'm generally drawn toward citrus flavors. Team yellow starburst over pink ones any day! Yellow skittles are my favorite, lemonade, lemon iced tea, lime squeezed on tacos, Pad Thai and on Pho. *Note: Theres a meme going around on this but comment below if you know why people hate the yellow starbursts. I don't undertstand?!

13. M.) MANGO


Just give me mango anything. Who's ever had mango with Mexican hot sauce and lime juice before? Its delicious! And who eats their mangoes like that ^ I DO! There is no other way I like to eat it! #mangoforlife



No, not Napoleon Bonaparte the French military general, but the pastry. This is also known as "Mille-feuille." Think creamy, thick vanilla custard between many slices of puff, flaky crusts. The Berry Napoleon from Martha's Country Bakery in NYC is my favorite.



Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball formed in a triangular or cylindrical shape with a filling of your choosing and wrapped in Nori (seaweed). You can experiment with different shapes, fillings, and sauces. This is so easy to eat, convenient, easy to make, and its filling too! (Dainobu Japanese Deli, Yaya's in NYC)

17. Q.) QUESO


Do you know how hard it is to think of foods starting with Q and that I actually like? But cheese. I like cheese. Who doesn't? Ever had cheese on ramen? Sounds gross but don't judge unless you've tried it! And a basic grilled cheese sandwich I can never pass up.



Tbh at this point I've ran out of ideas and things to say. It's not everyday I just suddenly think of my favorite ABC foods. Raspados and Cholados is a Colombian (correct me if I'm wrong) ice dessert made with fresh fruits, condensed milk, shaved ice, and flavored syrup. It's unlike anything I've ever tasted! The best ones I've had were outside street carts and vendors in Roosevelt, Queens, NY.

19. S.) SUSHI


Why is there so many food's beginning with S, that I like?! Steak, Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, Shrimp, Salmon, SEAFOOD, and the best foods are made using Soy sauce. But something I'd eat every single day would have to be sushi and sashimi. I know sushi would have to be the eaten fresh and made by the best, but truthfully I'm down for eating homemade sushi or sushi bought from the grocery/deli. #nohatersplease

20. T.) TACOS


!!!Not Americanized Tacos like from Taco Bell, I repeat not Tacos from Taco Bell!!! Authentic Mexican tacos in a warm soft tortilla filled with beef, pulled pork, or shrimp, guacamole, cilantro, onions, optional spice/jalapenos, and a squeeze of lime. I also don't mind if Queso is added ;) Nothing beats this!

22. V.) W.) X.) Y.) Z.)

If anybody can think of words beginning with these letters please comment below! I can think of some foods, but none that I like to eat. But #nohaters here. I just really like food. I'm also open to new foods/options! Also comment below recommendations of foods I should try out <333

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