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Six Healthy Alternative To Soda

RE: BUZZFEED FOOD APPLICATION Are you trying to lose weight? Trying to change your diet? Or trying to be healthier? Well there's a way and its cutting down sugar from your daily lives. One way to do this would be to STOP DRINKING SODA! Here are 6 healthy alternatives to soda...

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Well, who would of guess? What better way to abstain from soda then to drink water? Its healthier, there's no added color or artificial flavors and sugar (not that I know of atleast). There are a ton of beauty/skin benefits to drinking water. And you'll feel more energized as opposed to chugging down caffeine and crashing mid-way. I like to carry a reusable water bottle (Camelbak, Contigo) with me so I have water to-go when I'm thirsty. Plus you're saving the environment by disposing plastic bottles all the time #savetheearth

2. GREEN TEA (or any tea in general)


After a long day who wouldn't want to sit down and relax with a cup of tea. Added bonus! It's all natural! You'll feel great and its so soothing. But if hot tea isn't your thing add some ice, honey and lemon and bam! You have a refreshing lemon honey iced green tea. And, if you're trying to lose weight research has shown that after drinking one cup of green tea before a meal you're less likely to eat more.


Nicky Corbishley

If you thought water was kind of "lacking" look no further...there is flavored water? How does it work? Well its basically fruit infused water. Think, adding lemons, blackberries, strawberries, kiwis, and peaches in a pitcher filled with ice and water for an amazing fruity experience! The possibilities are endless. #diytime And there are a ton of flavored, fruit infused waters on the market (Hint, SoBe, VitaminWater)



All Natural. Organic. Refreshing. Full of Vitamins. Need I say more? They have a large variety of vegetables and fruit juices/smoothies on the market from Naked with their Peach guava, Chia cherry lime, as well as others (Odwalla, Bolthouse Farms). Mighty mango is my favorite. And rather than eating our vegetables, which requires so much muscle movement why not drink it? #lazyhacks



You're rushing to get out the gym after a long and sweaty workout. Instinctively you take that fruity flavored colored energy drink to quench your tastebuds...PAUSE! Before you do take that sugar filled bomb... consider coconut water. Coconut water (VitaCoco, Zico) has natural electrolytes as well as calcium, magnesium and potassium. It was also deemed the "natural Gatorade." Which is a whole lot better than energy drink which has a lot of caffeine and sugar just like soda.



You like the "fizziness" soda leaves on your tongue? Try drinking this healthier alternative. Seltzer which is plain water carbonated with carbon dioxide has no sugar or added flavors. And Mineral water (Perrier, San Pellegrino) which is almost the same except its "all natural." #nosugar #nomakeup ;)

Now go onward my friends! To a more natural, healthy, and refreshing lifestyle :)

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