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12 Things That Will Happen In The Future (According To Video Games)

Who says gaming isn't educational? 30 years have passed since the incendiary events of Killzone 3, and one colony is on the cusp of a bloody new conflict. Become Lucas Kellan in Killzone Shadow Fall, only on PlayStation 4. Available now at select retailers. Available everywhere November 15.

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2. Everyone wears rad trench coats and sunglasses and sulks. Like, a lot.

Further proof that fashion is cyclical: Everyone in 2057 looks just like you and your friends did after The Matrix came out.

9. We meet exciting new alien races and create excitingly inefficient new political systems.

It's the only terrestrial lifeform more terrifying than the H.R. Giger monsters of our deepest nightmares: bureaucrats. *shudders*

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10. Mutant talking animals and veggies wipe out humanity by way of dope hip-hop beats.

Wait, PaRappa the Rapper doesn't take place in a devastating dystopic future in which rapping dogs are the new Master Race? Oh, uh, moving along...

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