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11 Pieces Of Video Game Technology That Are Actually Real

So it turns out your PlayStation is literally the Nostradamus of technology. Who knew? It's been 30 years since the devastation of Helghast. Now, two uneasy factions share a planet, embroiled in a cold war of wills. Killzone Shadow Fall, only on PlayStation 4. Available now at select retailers. Available everywhere November 15.

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1. Stealth camouflage that turns you invisible.

It goes without saying that Solid Snake's stealth camouflage would be 100% ideal for escaping from family gatherings and awkward OkCupid dates. But military tech innovators Hyper Stealth might have found a more feasible use for it with their light-bending quantum stealth technology. Think of it as an invisibility cloak for the battlefield.

2. Guns that shoot lightning.

When you've got a badass blaster that fires bursts of pure lightning, it's kinda hard to go back to bullets. But believe it or not, Killzone's Arc Rifle is actually rooted in reality — just last year the U.S. Army was reportedly testing out a guided lightning weapon that could zap enemy vehicles with all the wrath and fury of a Helghan lightning storm.

3. A grappling gun for your inner adventurer.

Let's face it: If we had grappling guns, we'd be zipping across city skylines and talking in deep vigilante voices LIKE THIS instead of killing time on the internet. But while we have to shelf our Bat-fantasies, that doesn't mean we have to abandon 'em. A team of incredible engineering students have brought a two-part anchoring and grappling system to life, ripped right out of Arkham City. So... where do we get ours?

5. Turrets that blast laser beams.

Remember the Dark Ages when ultra-badass laser turrets only existed in Starcraft? Thank goodness that international nightmare is over! Just this year German defense firm Rheinmetall unveiled a real-life laser cannon capable of blasting invaders clean out of the sky.

6. A nano-suit that makes you a better you.

It's one of the oldest tropes in sci-fi video games: The high-tech nano-suit that gives its wearer superhuman strength. Yeah, sure, it's kinda overdone and totally clichéd and also totally feasible. A team of scientists have developed an artificial muscle fiber that's 200 times stronger than standard human muscles.

7. A gun made to heal, not hurt.

While not a "gun" in the typical sense, Dr. Jörg C. Gerlach's skin cell gun could radically change the way burn victims are treated. By spraying a light sheen of stem cells taken from the victim's skin, a fresh layer of healthy skin is grown in one short week. Cosplayers, take note — your Medic cosplay is about to get a lot more authentic.

9. A wrist-mounted computer to keep you ticking.

While it won't beam the dulcet tones of The Inkspots directly into your ear canal (come on, you probably have an app for that), Universal Display's wrist-mounted OLED display is incredibly close to the Pip-Boy 3000s that've seen us through oh-so-many post-apocalyptic adventures.

10. Medical gel to cure what ails you.

At first glance, Mass Effect's miraculous medi-gel seems like convenient sci-fi gobbledygook. Oh, a fancy-schmancy salve that immediately stops bleeding and promotes instantaneous blood clotting on wounds of any size and speeds up the healing process? Yeah, right.

Oh, wait.