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    17 Fintastic Steps To Having The Best Shark Week Get Together Ever

    Get your Shark Week on in the sharkiest way possible.

    The best week of summer is coming sooner than you think. During Shark Week, our hearts pound in anticipation of the promise of awesome shark programming.

    Here is everything you need to throw a sharkmazing party for our favorite shark-themed week... or maybe they're just some impulse buys to tide you over (no pun intended) until Shark Week begins. Either way.

    1. Reel in your guests with the invitations.

    2. Decide on a menu. You'll probably want an appetizer to start.

    3. Drinks are always good, too.

    4. If you are really into the festivities, use some celebratory ice cubes.

    5. You could also try a drinking game, if you're into that sort of thing. Here's one you can download from Etsy, complete with a wine label and table settings.

    6. For the meal, try submarine sandwiches.

    7. Cupcakes are a great dessert option.

    8. Popsicles are another easy choice.

    9. Don't forget the snacks during the show. The choices are pretty obvious.


    11. You can use this bowl for your snacks if you really want to impress (or just for the halibut).

    12. Decorations are a must. Like this welcome sign.

    13. And this jawsome pillow.

    14. Don't forget to dress for the occasion.



    17. Finally, if you want to really go all out, give your guests a sharky favor.

    Bonus: If you have a pet, don't forget to let them join in on the fun.

    Happy viewing!