15 Stunts Gone Terribly Wrong

Some things just don’t work out as planned. Tune into Killer Karaoke On truTV for more disasters caught on tape, and watch Steve-O host this hilarious adventure of karaoke gone wild. Once they start singing, you won’t stop laughing.

1. This guy needs a little more "cannon" in his "cannon ball."

2. "Wax on, wax offfffffff!"

3. Just like Starsky.

4. Everybody together now.

5. Roof surfing, salt in the wound

8. Denied by the board

9. This might have actually been the best possible result

10. This guy almost has it down.

11. About a foot short

12. I have no idea what the goal was here, but I'm pretty sure it didn't go as planned

13. Focus on follow through

14. Try double ply next time

15. Motor powered merry

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