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10 Gut-Churning Scenes From Controversial Movies

So, here's a thought: If you have a squeamish stomach you should probably click that "back" button. (We have some lovely cat pictures that're probably more up your alley.) For those brave enough to stay behind, you may want to consider Killer Joe, a twisted trailer park murder story from the director of The Exorcist, in theaters July 27.

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1. The needle scene, "Audition"

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Hey, dating is tough. You know what's even tougher? Having your feet amputated and newfound stumps tortured by your unassuming sweetheart. It sure makes OKCupid look a lot more sinister, doesn't it?

2. The curb scene, "American History X"

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It's the dread-inducing buildup that makes this scene one of the most horrifying -- and memorable -- in film history. And by "memorable" we mean "why can't we forget it, oh lord, please let us forget it."

3. The arm scene, "127 Hours"

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Or as we like to call it, Why We'll Never Go Hiking Ever Again. Fun Fact: method actor James Franco cut off his actual arm for this scene. Slightly-Less-Fun Fact: that's not true in any way, but it sure makes for interesting party conversation.

4. The octopus scene, "Oldboy"

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Interestingly enough, leading man Choi Min-sik is actually a lifelong vegetarian and buddhist, but was made to eat four consecutive live octopuses for this one scene. Director Park Chan Wook even thanked the recently deceased octopi in his Cannes acceptance speech after winning the Grand Prix.

5. The sledgehammer scene, "Misery"

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After re-watching Misery in 2012, all we can really say is thank goodness for Twitter, where we can stalk celebrities and make horrifying proclamations of unrequited romance from the comfort of our own couch.

6. The mob scene, "The Elephant Man"

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One of the most nightmarish sequences in David Lynch's twisted oeuvre, this uncomfortable sequence shows a harrowing disparity between man and those they'd choose to outcast.

7. The arm infection scene, "Requiem For A Dream"

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Forget D.A.R.E. -- Darren Aronofsky's queasy drug drama should be required viewing at elementary schools nation-wide. Put this baby on after recess and we all but guarantee a record-breaking plummet in early users.

8. The final scene, "The Mist"

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The hours that precede it aren't much easier to digest, but it's the last few minutes of this Stephen King adaptation that really fill you with a sense of impenetrable dread.

9. The dinner scene, "Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom"

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Oh, were you planning on eating tonight? Sorry about that. Be it film, play, video game, or improvisational dance piece, any work of art adapted from the Marquis De Sade is likely to include a few cringe-worthy moments.

10. The eye scene, "Un Chien Andalou"

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Surrealist Luis Buñuel popped plenty of monocles with his debut film, where he intercut a young woman's face, eye pried wide open, with a dead calf's eyeball high-fiving a razor blade. Like, oh, everything else on this list, it isn't for the squeamish.

Inspired by Killer Joe

Gather 'round for the most twisted deep-fried redneck murder story this side of the Mississippi. Dirty Dallas detective "Killer" Joe Cooper isn't your average corrupt cop -- he makes a pretty penny on the side as a gun-for-hire. When he's contacted by drug-peddling twentysomething Chris Smith to take out his abusive mother and cash in on her life insurance, things take a turn for the grisly. Don't miss this chilling NC-17 crime story from the director of The Exorcist, in theaters July 27.