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14 Things That Happened At Your First Pedicure

All the stress and joys that come with having beautiful toes.

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1. You walked in like you basically owned the place.

2. But your confidence was immediately shattered when everyone looked at you.

3. There was an overwhelming amount of polish to choose from.

Can I pick them all?

Can I pick them all?

4. But the massage chair and foot bath soothed all of your polish-picking stress.

5. You even got to take your shoes off!

6. It was a bit shocking when people started touching your feet, though.

Well, hello there.

7. And then you realized you forgot to shave your legs.

No turning back now, they'll have to deal with the prickliness.

8. You started getting really nervous.

People are definitely judging you... right!?

9. It seemed as if everyone who worked there was secretly laughing at you.

Is it my feet?! My hair?? TELL ME.

10. They started touching your toes and it was difficult to hold back your ticklish laughter.

11. But when the polish was applied your toes looked better than ever.

There's no way you could've done that at home.

12. Now all you had to do was wait for them to dry.

It's tedious, but ruining your nails isn't worth skipping out early.

13. After paying and tipping…

14. You strutted out looking more fabulous than before.

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