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12 Crucial Thanksgiving Tips For Rookie Hosts

First time hosting? Don't worry! Try Kikkoman's brining recipe for a juicy bird this Thanksgiving!

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1. Usually one pound per person is a good rule when deciding your turkey's weight.

This will allow a good amount of turkey per guest, room for seconds, AND sandwiches for later.

2. Prep as much food as possible the week leading up to the big day!

Save fast-cooking veggies like string beans and mushrooms for the day of. But dishes like stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes, and pie crust can be made a few days in advance.

3. Don't feel pressured to make everything from scratch.

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If baking isn't your strong suit, buy a pie! Then add your own custom flourishes, like pipetting homemade whipped cream on top or grating fresh nutmeg!

4. And only plan to make dishes that you've made before.

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Do NOT try out a pumpkin spice soufflé recipe for the first time. (You have enough to stress out about!)

10. Have extra appetizers on hand in case you mess up the timing with the menu.

Let's be real: Not everything will go as planned. Apps will make sure no one is hangry.

11. Set time aside for yourself to de-stress before the guests arrive.


If you're relaxed, everyone else will feel calmer! Take a shower, lie down for 15 minutes, dance to some Miley... Whatever ya need.