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21 Things No One Ever Tells You About Infertility

After 2 years of trying to get pregnant and seeing countless BuzzFeed articles about parenthood, maternity, kids, etc., and basically none on what happens when you can't get pregnant, I decided it's time to write about the thing no one wants to think could happen to them...infertility.

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1. It's super common

The moment you start telling people that you're having trouble conceiving, it feels like everyone is either going through it or once did. It's like, "Thanks, Aunt Erika. Why didn't you prepare me in some way by telling me how hard those years of infertility were for you instead of just pressuring me to have kids every time you saw me?"

3. unless they're online...then they speak in some secret language

"We've been TTC for 2 years. Today my SO and I are taking a HPT and hoping for a BFP!" What the fuck bitch? Is this some kind of word puzzle? I'm just trying to figure out when to take a home pregnancy tes....oh, that's what that stands for.

4. every month is heartbreaking

No matter what, you get your hopes up every month, and think every little discomfort is a pregnancy symptom. And every month you dread that moment when you find out you're not pregnant. After a while, you make sure to take pregnancy tests or get results when you know you'll be home for a while so you can just cry.

11. and it really feels like doctors don't know anything

"Well, after treating you for over a year, we can officially diagnose you with unexplained infertility." "Does that come with cake? Because I really need some cake right now."

15. it will test your ability to schedule

Somewhere between planning when to have sex, when to take your vitamins, when to exercise and eat healthy, when to go get more blood tests, when to talk to your doctors, and when to take your dozens of pills, you might accidentally forget to relax.

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