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Best 5 Fonts For Outstanding Logo Branding

Logos are vital for a company or product branding. The logos are very important to use in our businesses. The main goal of every business is to create its image. The logos helps the company to be easily recognizable by the clients. Therefore the choice of logo font to use is very important. The fonts to be used when designing the logos should be easily readable and attractive. Remember you need customers to view your business at the same time you want to retain their loyalty. A good readable logo is able to create a lasting memory in potential client’s mind. The following are some of the fonts that are excellent for your logo branding;

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The font is highly legible. The font almost looks like a monolinear. It is very clear and highly readable. It is commonly used for printing and screens. The readability of the font makes it best for logo branding. The principal designer of the logo is Anton Koovit. Create a Logo Free – Lotus Flower Logo Templates

Berkshire Swash


The font is bold and has feminine look. It is an attractive font with a typestyle that is alluring. Being bold and alluring, it has the ability to create a lasting memory to the viewers of the brand logo. The principal designer of the font is Astigmatic. Free Logo Maker Abstract Bridge Logo Design

Cinzel font

Cinzel font based on the classical share as it has been inspired by the inscriptions made by the Romans in the first century. The font is both ancient and it still has the love of the present century. It is best for designing since it is readable. The principal designer of the font is Natanael Gama. Create Vintage Crown logo design with the Free Logo Maker

Josefin Sans


The creation of the font was inspired by the need of elegance. It is a tilted font that commands strong geometrical shape. It is an attractive style that reflects the love of perfect lifestyle. The font has to merge height for all the characters and thus makes it readable. The principal designer of the font is Santiago Orozco. 3D Logo Maker


This font is very visible. It has a combination of large size uppercase and lowercase. He letter are both elegant and they do harmonize. The designer utilized the classical proportions in building the font, thus its readability is enhanced. The letters can be easily adjusted to become large and still maintain its excellent readability. Lato’s principal designer is Lukasz Dziedzic.


Ariel fits so many styles, it can be utilized for instance and bolded. The letters have softer edges and the strokes that end are cut diagonally to enhance the appearance. Due to the ease of readability of the font, it has been used in reports and major displays. This characteristic can also be utilized to give an excellent brand logo.

How to create a logo online

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