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    • kikiruthlessk

      ButIlove and believe in God, and I’m gay… And I’ve actually studied and read the Biblical Texts… the only mention of man lying withaman was in Leviticus, under the purity laws that God gave the Israelites in order to separate them from the Gentile religion that worshiped the God of Fertility. It wasn’t about loving committed relationships, it was about the how the Gentiles worshiped Molech and offered sacrifices by having sex with male prostitutes. That was the act that was condemned. Nonetheless, when Jesus walked the earth, he repealed the laws of the Old Covenant (including the purity code) and confirmed that He was the way, the truth, and the life. One must follow his path to be saved. He died for each and every person, including homosexuals, prostitutes and yes, even those tax collectors. He never actually mentioned homosexuality, and actually healedayoung man who was partners with other male. Maybe if these people actually read and studied the Bible, the would haveabetter understanding that their religious arguments are invalid. God Loves all, and Love is Love. No matter whataperson’s sexual orientation is.

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