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Hollywood Said Asians Aren't Expressive So Here's Proof That We Are

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So here's the brief:

@mauxbot / Via Twitter: @mauxbot

After Twitter user @Mauxbot (Maurene Goo) saw that Hollywood said "Asians are a challenge to cast because most casting directors feel as though they're not very expressive", she started a hashtag - #expressiveasians. We're going to show you exactly what happened afterwards.

1) @JayBeeTadena

Discount "Into the Badlands" b/c why not. #ExpressiveAsians #representAsian #Filam #PoC #actor

2) @LilyAllisonKeir

3) @NickSaintAmand

Rinko Kikuchi: the woman who should've been Motoko Kusanagi. #ExpressiveAsians

4) @karmaslaysbeach

Never forced Hollywood to make a live action..We were happy with japanese live actions bishes #expressiveasians…

5) @thesandyvelasco

Attitude is Altitude. 👊🏽 #headshot #actorlife #theatrical #commercial #ExpressiveAsians • 📸: Fraser Read Photograp…

I think it's pretty fair to say that:

1) We ARE expressive

2) Don't mess with East Asia.

If you're not convinced of the second point, check out my other article here.

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