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5 Signs You're Clique Trash

Are you more than the average Twenty One Pilots fan? Or does your knowledge end at Stressed Out? Here are five signs that you're actually clique trash.

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5. You Accidentally Reference Their Lyrics In Everyday Conversations


Consider this scenario - You're in a hallway having a normal conversation with your friends when a reference to 'Lane Boy' suddenly leaves your mouth. There's no escape from Tyler's lyrical abilities; even in an average conversation!

4. Their Wardrobes Are Your Main Source Of Inspiration

Tyler and Josh at the VMA's.

Sure, at one point Tyler looked as if he'd arrived straight from a shift at Footlocker - but in terms of style, the duo have taught us that it's cool to wear the weirdest outfits whenever there's a chance. (Including Tyler's signature stage outfits!)

3. You've Seen Every Live Performance And Interview


Lets be honest here. We've all turned to YouTube videos when bored or simply too lazy to achieve anything else. But how many people have sat for 6 hours straight watching interview after interview? Or sat through 3 entire live performance videos?

Even after 100 videos, Josh's infectious smile fails to become boring. Or maybe it's the heart-melting echo of Tyler's voice during a live video of Truce? Either way, you should probably turn the laptop off and accomplish something...

...but not yet.

2. You Own Basically All Of Their Merch


Ever go to pay for your shopping only to realize you spent all of your life-savings on last night's merch stand? Yeah, me too.

You more than likely find yourself on numerous occasions staring at a Blurryface ukulele or a signed Regional At Best copy online and thinking 'do I really need that?'. The obvious answer is yes. Just make sure you have enough for some food or something afterwards.

1. You Feel Personally Victimized By 'Kitchen Sink'

Kitchen Sink / Live Performance.

You're on the edge of becoming Clique trash. You own all of the CD's, your wardrobe is full of their merchandise, but there's one thing left.

Learning The Kitchen Sink Rap.

We've all been there. Spending three months trying to teach ourselves Zack's infamous rap towards the end of Kitchen Sink. It's purely amazing that Zack can master it on first attempt - does talent just run through the Joseph family?

Well, yes, obviously. But maybe you'd be better off sticking to Fairly Local for a while. Just until those rapping skills pick up a bit!

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