The Original "Degrassi: Next Generation" Cast, Then Versus Now

A lot has changed since Drake was in a wheelchair.

1. What a beautiful, dysfunctional family

2. In case you don’t remember who was in the first season, here’s the trailer:

3. Jimmy/Aubrey Graham (Drake) then:

4. Jimmy/Aubrey Graham (Drake) now:

5. Emma/Miriam McDonald then:

6. Emma/Miriam McDonald now:

7. Terri/Christina Schmidt then:

8. Terri/Christina Schmidt now:

9. Ashley/Melissa Mcintyre then:

10. Ashley/Melissa Mcintyre now:

11. Liberty/Sarah Barrable-Tishauer then:

12. Liberty/Sarah Barrable-Tishauer now:

13. Manny/Cassie Steele then:

14. Manny/Cassie Steele now:

15. Snake/Stefan Brogren then:

16. Snake/Stefan Brogren now:

17. Toby/Jake Goldsbie then:

18. Toby/Jake Goldsbie now:

19. Spinner/Shane Kippel then:

20. Spinner/Shane Kippel now:

21. Aw, look! They’re still pals!

22. J.T./Ryan Cooley then:

23. J.T./Ryan Cooley now:

24. Paige/Lauren Collins then:

25. Paige/Lauren Collins now:

27. Let’s not forget the good times.

28. Because, seriously, who the hell are these people?

This is the current “Degrassi” season 13 cast. SEASON 13!!!!

29. All 13 openings for your enjoyment.

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