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    28 Surprisingly Cheap Pieces Of Living Room Furniture That'll Let You Transform Your Space On A Budget

    You don't have to break the bank to redecorate.

    1. This upholstered footstool is made of natural linen and is super small and easy to carry (perfect if you tend to rearrange the room often).

    2. This storage unit has four compartments and comes with two fabric drawers to keep clutter tucked away neatly.

    3. This oak coloured side table has shelves in a unique design that you can use for books, magazines, small plant pots, and more.

    4. This ladder-style bamboo shelf has a modern feel and looks way more expensive than it is, TBH.

    5. Add a touch of glamour with this soft velvet ottoman that has sleek metal legs.

    6. Can you believe this chic two-piece coffee table set is under £20? Tuck the smaller table into the other if you need to save space.

    7. If you don't have room for a big bookshelf, or just want a more modern touch, try this stylish set of floating shelves.

    8. This pink velvet footrest is an ultra luxe detail, and adds a chic pop of colour to your living room.

    9. These folding tray tables have a rustic look, and can be moved around easily for whatever you need – they work as a coffee table, side table, dinner tray, and more!

    10. If you like contemporary decor, this glass coffee table is a great affordable option.

    11. This tray table has a collapsible stand and a removable serving tray, so it's great for sofa snacks and breakfast in bed!

    12. This coffee table has an edgy 'S' shape and can also be used as a side table, bookshelf, and more.

    13. If you want to elevate your living room, this sophisticated standing bookcase is a beautiful statement piece to display books, potted plants, picture frames, and more.

    14. This elegant velvet ottoman doubles as a storage box – and it has an average rating of 4.9 stars!

    15. Okay, I need this angular tree bookshelf! It has eight tiers and is basically a sculpture and a bookshelf in one.

    16. This accent table features an open shelf and a drawer, and would look great beside your sofa or TV stand.

    17. Turn heads with this sleek and shiny black glass coffee table that is way less expensive than it looks.

    18. You can't go wrong with this classic wooden three-tiered bookshelf. It's got plenty of space on the shelves, as well as on top to display decor items.

    19. This bestselling small coffee table is under £15! It's really a no-brainer to add it to your cart – surely you need a table somewhere, right?

    20. Add a pop of colour to your living room with this purple velvet chair. It's actually a vanity chair, but looks great in a corner or in any seating area.

    21. This antique-style sofa end table has a unique C-shaped design so it can slide right under the sofa.

    22. This modern grey side table is a great neutral piece, and has two tiers for storage.

    23. If you're a music fanatic, put your fave albums on display and turn them into decor with this record display shelf.

    24. Add some life to your corridor with this sleek, compact hallway table – it's perfect for displaying some eye-catching decorative items.

    25. TV units can be super expensive – who knew? But this simple yet stylish TV bench is under £20 and looks just as good IMO.

    26. This modern glass end table has a C-shaped design and can slide under your sofa to bring your drinks right up to you.

    27. This metal side table is super compact and lightweight, and has a removable tray top.

    28. This faux-leather chair has a stylish silhouette and can be used as a dining or home office chair.