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    24 Products That Will Probably Make You Like Your Partner More

    Trust me, they're going to thank you for buying these.

    1. This 'Yours and Mine' duvet has a unique two tog design which includes a cooler and warmer side to cater for both you and your partner.

    2. This scratch off poster is full of fun and romantic date ideas from lazy, stay-at-home date nights to adventurous experiences!

    3. Block out your partner's snoring or late night binge-watching with these reusable silicone ear plugs.

    4. Here's hoping these fluffy socks encourage your partner to make you cups of tea a bit more often.

    5. This shower curtain has mesh pockets so you and your partner don't have to fight over bathroom shelf space.

    6. This 'Let's Get Deep' game lets you learn a little bit more about the person you spend most of your time with.

    7. These sound insulation strips are self adhesive – stick to your doors or windows to block out noise from the other rooms in your house.

    8. This love aromatherapy balm by Scentered has a blend of rose, cedarwood, and jasmine to encourage feelings of romance, sensuality, and wellbeing.

    9. This weekly meal planner notepad makes it much easier for you and your partner to keep track of your meals and food shopping lists.

    10. Light sleeper? These Bluetooth sleep headphones let you fall asleep to any soothing sound you like in ultimate comfort.

    11. This pocket-sized truth or dare game for couples has 50 questions and challenges for a bit of after-dinner fun!

    12. This sunrise alarm clock is a great way to avoid waking up to your partner's shrieking alarm when you're trying to have a lie in.

    13. This 'snow in love' Yankee candle has a lovely blend of creamy, comforting freshness to get you in the mood for wintery romance.

    14. I get it, you need your space and your partner probably knows it. Set your boundaries in bed with these cute couple pillowcases.

    15. This memory journal for couples lets you share your stories, dreams, and feelings about your relationship.

    16. Tired of your partner barging in on your virtual Zoom calls? Hang this meeting in progress sign outside your WFH office to make sure you'll have your privacy.

    17. These message in a bottle capsules have a blank piece of paper inside each pill so you can write down your feelings for each other.

    18. This couples journal has prompts to encourage couples to unwind and spend time together.

    19. This chore chart set includes one large magnetic chore chart and two magnetic whiteboards to divide your daily tasks and avoid any arguing about whose turn it is to clean the bathroom.

    20. This 'Letters to My Love' book lets you declare your affection in 12 letters that can be opened in the future.

    21. Had enough of your partner's snoring? This anti-snoring chin strap helps to hold their jaw in place and keep their mouth closed to prevent it.

    22. This 2022 couples calendar has separate columns that read 'me', 'you', 'us', and 'birthday' to keep track of your individual and joint commitments.

    23. This cheeky his and her piggy bank is a fun way to remind your partner who's boss.

    24. Fill in this daily 'What I Love About You' checklist to remind yourselves of the things you really love about each other.