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    30 Products That Make Cleaning Up After Your Pet Way Easier

    I love my dog, but cleaning up after her is a full-time job.

    1. This reusable pet hair remover roller is about to change your life – it works on any material and has a super easy self-cleaning system.

    2. These grooming wipes for dogs are made with coconut extract and aloe that are great for your pup's skin and fur – and they've got a lovely cherry blossom scent!

    3. These dog waste bags come in a convenient dispenser and have a lead clip to make that whole cleaning up process a lot smoother.

    4. Use this pet hair dissolver to wash your pet's bedding and blankets, or on its own to remove hair from your washing machine. It also helps to prevent hair-related drain blockages.

    5. This bestselling hooded cat litter box prevents the cat litter from being scattered and is super easy to clean.

    6. This small animal waterless bath moisturises dry skin and leaves your pet's fur clean and soft. It's great for pets who hate getting wet, as there's no need to rinse it out.

    7. Use this ultraviolet flashlight to easily spot invisible pet urine stains on carpet or clothes so you know where to clean.

    8. These pet bathing mitts make it way easier to cleanse and moisturise your pet with no rinsing required.

    9. If you have a female dog, these disposable dog diapers are a must for avoiding mess. Use them when your pup is in heat, has incontinence, or during travel.

    10. This best-selling magnetic aquarium cleaner has tiny hooks that scrape off algae without damaging the glass.

    11. These pet grooming gloves detangle and remove loose hair to improve the softness of your pet's coat while stopping them from shedding all over your furniture.

    12. These cat litter tray liners have super easy to use drawstrings so you can quickly empty your cat's litter box with no spillage. Plus, they're made using recycled materials.

    13. Make house training a little less messy with these puppy training pads that trap dog urine, absorb wetness, neutralise odours, and prevent leaks.

    14. This home flea and tick spray kills them on contact, and continues to protect against new fleas your pet brings into the house for up to three months!

    15. This dog bathrobe towel helps save time and avoid mess after a bath or a rainy day walk. Plus, how cute would it be to see your pup in a bathrobe?

    16. Remove the toughest pet odours with this carpet freshener that you can use for carpets, rugs, pet beds, and car interiors.

    17. This pet fur remover brush makes getting rid of pet hair and lint super effortless. To clean it, just dip the brush into the base and pull it out clean! When the case is full, you can open the cover to remove the fur.

    18. This paw cleaning cup has soft silicone bristles inside that remove mud, sand, ice, and bacteria from your dog's feet without any discomfort.

    19. These wipes for dogs and cats have a lush lavender scent. They're made with shea butter, aloe vera, and chamomile to remove dirt, fight odours, and soften fur.

    20. This deshedding tool reaches deep into the undercoat to remove loose hair and reduces shedding by up to 95%!

    21. This two-in-one dog paw cleaner and grooming brush can help you pick chunks of mud and grime out of your pet's paws in just a few minutes.

    22. This pet odour eliminator and stain remover contains natural healthy enzymes that get rid of odours and bacteria while leaving a fresh scent.

    23. This pet hair remover broom is great for picking fur up from carpets, fabrics, and rugs before it has a chance to get stuck in your vacuum cleaner.

    24. This pet grooming comb is lightweight and durable, and the round teeth won't scratch your pet's skin.

    25. If your pet of choice is a bird, this bird cage cleaning brush is super effective against stubborn stains.

    26. This upholstery brush has rubber bristles to lift and trap pet hair, dust, and dirt from your sofa. You can also use the scraper lip to collect extra dirt!

    27. These drying mitts make cleaning up after bath time way easier and quicker.

    28. This lint roller removes fine pet hair and lint from larger surfaces, like the floor or your dog's bed.

    29. The bottle of this waterless pet shampoo and conditioner has a convenient silicone brush attached to help clean your pet's paws.

    30. This pet grooming brush not only removes your pet's loose hair, but also massages them to enhance blood circulation. When you're done, just press the button to remove hair from the brush.