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    26 Products That Can Literally Improve Your Life While You Sleep

    You don't have to lift a finger (or an eyelid) for these products to work their magic.

    1. These acne patches create optimum conditions for your spots to heal – for best results, leave them on overnight!

    2. This pulse point roller ball has essential oils like soothing lavender, sandalwood, and jasmine to help you relax and drift off for a good night's sleep.

    3. Leave this overnight lip mask on while you sleep and wake up with smoother, plumper lips! The gel-like texture melts in for a super intense treatment.

    4. Use this bathroom plughole unblocker to dissolve hair and soap scum from your shower, bath, or sink – simply pour the whole bottle down the drain and leave it to work overnight before flushing it through with hot water.

    5. These moisture enhancing socks are designed to be worn after applying lotion or a treatment to help the products absorb into your skin overnight.

    6. Wake up to healthier hair with this overnight recovery mask that instantly absorbs into dry hair to nourish and rehydrate.

    7. This white noise machine creates a calm and comforting background atmosphere that's ideal for helping adults and babies get a good night's sleep. It also has a dimmable night light with seven calming colours!

    8. Who doesn't love having a cup of coffee ready and waiting in the morning? With this cold brew coffee maker, you can cool it in the fridge overnight and start your day refreshed.

    9. Apply Nivea's sleeping mask to your face, neck, and décolletage for smoother and firmer skin.

    10. These satin pillowcases are super soft on your skin, reducing facial creases. They also help protect your hair from tangles and frizz!

    11. Lie in for a few more minutes with this automatic pet feeder – you can fill it the night before and set the timer for the next morning!

    12. These reusable night dental guards can be used to help with teeth grinding while you sleep.

    13. These organic overnight pads have super absorbent cotton layers to keep you free from leakage so you can wake up feeling fresh.

    14. This natural silk sleep mask does it all – it protects delicate skin around your eyes from bedding imprints, helps your skincare to stay on, prevents dry eyes, and blocks out light.

    15. Charge up your batteries while you sleep with this overnight USB charger – the USB connection makes it super convenient, and it can charge up to four batteries at once.

    16. If you like to sleep in total darkness, you need these blackout curtains. They block out 85-95% of sunlight, and they're even noise-reducing for a super undisturbed sleep.

    17. This rich, jelly-textured sleep recovery mask has calming orange flower oil and relaxing lavender to regenerate skin overnight.

    18. Wake up to a new hairstyle with these foam hair rollers! Wrap hair around the rollers and bend or twist them to create curls overnight without any heat.

    19. Gently warm this nighttime miracle moisturiser in your fingertips before massaging it into your face so it can work to seal in moisture for up to eight hours.

    20. This humidifier and night light has adjustable mist modes and light modes to create a super cosy sleeping environment.

    21. These deep cleaning drain tabs remove limescale, stubborn stains, discolouration, and more with no scrubbing required! Simply drop it in and leave it to work overnight.

    22. You don't have to worry about your pet waking you up to use the loo with this two-way pet door that gives them the freedom to come and go whenever they need!

    23. To use this washing machine cleaner, empty the washing machine, add one to three tablets, then start the complete washing cycle. Why not put it to work overnight so it's ready to wash a load the next day?

    24. This calming night cream is great for sensitive skin – with a blend of rosehip, borage, and primrose oils, it helps to improve your skin's appearance and texture while you sleep.

    25. This glass breakfast jar is great for overnight oats! It comes with a measuring lid for up to 50g of oats.

    26. This overnight foot cream nourishes and hydrates dry, rough skin on your feet for visible results overnight.