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    22 Inexpensive Things That Might Trick People Into Thinking You’re Fancier Than You Actually Are

    These products will help you to be your best self – but on a budget.

    1. Give your dinner table a modern upgrade with this set of elegant, rose gold cutlery.

    2. This bronzer and highlighter palette by Makeup Revolution has highly-pigmented shimmery shades to give you an effortless glow.

    3. This best-selling tabletop fountain is super chic, and way more affordable than you would think!

    4. Give your hair a polished, Bridgerton-style makeover with these super cute faux pearl clips.

    5. Maybelline's Nudes of New York eyeshadow palette has 16 universal shades to help you create glam looks on a budget.

    6. I imagine fancy people prefer to make their coffee with this French press coffee maker.

    7. Not only will these best-selling herb and spice jar labels keep you organised, they'll also make you seem way more put together.

    8. Fancy people probably don't eat their takeaway sushi with a fork, right? Try these wooden chopsticks instead.

    9. These black and gold-coloured candlesticks will instantly make any room feel more sleek and sophisticated.

    10. How luxe is the marble design on this bathroom accessory set? It comes with a soap dispenser, two tumblers, and a soap dish.

    11. This black and gold-coloured wall clock has a minimal yet modern design that will elevate any wall space.

    12. This dried pampas grass is the perfect whimsical detail to make any room feel fancier.

    13. This vegan nail polish has a salon-worthy finish that will make your nails look super healthy and radiant.

    14. Elevate your fancy date nights at home with these super romantic rose gold candle holders.

    15. This faux fur fluffy rug will add a cosy, luxurious touch to any room.

    16. This liquid eyeshadow by Haus Laboratories has a pigmented metallic formula for a glamorous look that's easy to apply.

    17. These glass mugs are hand crafted by artisans, so each one is unique!

    18. You can store pretty much anything in this luxe gold-coloured tray – it works as a jewellery tray, cosmetics organiser, coffee table serving tray, and more!

    19. This best-selling handmade glass mug has elegant butterfly and flower designs for a truly special, luxurious effect.

    20. This artificial flower arrangement has a stunning, expensive look featuring silky soft, lifelike hydrangea, peonies, and carnations.

    21. How lovely is this hand-crafted glass teapot? I'm obsessed with its frosted design.

    22. Put these rose gold tealight holders anywhere in your home for a glamorous touch.