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    Honestly, I Can’t Believe These Chic Kitchen Appliances Are Under £25

    Time to give your kitchen a stylish upgrade.

    1. Get style and function with this multi-use digital kitchen scale. It has an easy-to-use control panel and a super sleek design.

    2. Who doesn’t love a pretty kettle? This one is ultra chic and will have a cup boiled in just 45 seconds.

    3. Make boiled eggs, poached eggs, and omelettes with this three-in-one egg cooker that has a stylish copper lid.

    4. These stunning marble and rose gold salt and pepper mills electronically grind coarse rock salt, peppercorns, herbs, and spices.

    5. This mini food chopper is cute and convenient! It’s lightweight, USB chargeable, and can easily chop garlic, onion, chilli, parsley, and other ingredients in only ten seconds.

    6. This ultra-chic cafetière has a four-mug capacity, and can be used to make coffee, tea, frothed milk, and more!

    7. This electronic hand mixer comes in a sleek blue shade and also includes two dough hooks and two beaters.

    8. This retro slow cooker has three different temperature settings so you can make chilli, casserole, curry, stew, soup, roast dinners, and more!

    9. Waiting for your kettle to boil is a little less boring with this LED light kettle! It can make six to eight cups and takes a shorter time to heat up than a lot of other kettles.

    10. This veggie slicer has three interchangeable blades for effortless slicing, grating, or shredding. Plus, how cute is that blue colour?

    11. Attention MasterChef fans – this stick blender from their official store has two blending speeds to quickly prepare soups, dips, spreads, sauces, and more!

    12. This cereal dispenser is a cool and convenient way to store cereal and helps to prevent that annoying problem of pouring out more cereal than you intended. It’s also designed to preserve freshness and flavour.

    13. This luxe sandwich toaster has extra deep cooking plates that are non-stick, making them super easy to clean.

    14. Create your very own home-made frozen dessert in as little as ten minutes with this super cute ice cream maker (it also works for sorbet and frozen yoghurt)!

    15. Your toaster doesn’t have to be basic. This one has a stylish design, and a crumb tray for a mess-free kitchen.

    16. Upgrade a basic kitchen gadget with this rose gold electric can opener that’s far more stylish and safe.

    17. If you like retro accessories, this cream kitchen scale is a great option and really easy to read.

    18. Pull out this retro popcorn maker at your next house party or movie night for a fun treat. Believe it or not, it’s also pretty healthy (it’s a hot air popper that doesn’t use oil).

    19. Cook authentic Asian cuisine with this eco-friendly organic bamboo steamer. It has two stackable tiers so you can steam multiple items at the same time.

    20. This electric citrus juicer does a great job of extracting juice while also preserving important vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients.

    21. Add a fun pop of red to your kitchen with this French press coffee maker that serves three cups.

    22. Impress your dinner guests with this rose gold corkscrew. It also makes a great gift for any wine lover!

    23. This multi-functional microwave rice cooker is made up of a two litre cooking pot, a colander, a measuring cup, and a rice paddle all in one.

    24. How cute is this pink mini cupcake maker?! You can make up to seven cupcakes at once, and it’s super easy to clean.