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    • kidzo

      When you have swipe, weird things happen. I was asking my friend during Easter time if she was going to fast today, and it came out, “are you going to fart today?” OMG I did happen to catch it before I sent it, thank goodness, but my whole family had a good laugh when I told them what I almost sent. Actually, when I told them about it I was in a slap happy mood and I could barely even tell them cause I was laughing so hard I could barely get the words out.

    • kidzo

      I was wondering how you know what concoctions will go with each other. I want to make a veggie smoothie but when I look them up I’m usually missing 1 or 2 ingredients and since I’m a novice I’m not sure which will taste good with the other. I need to buy some more veggies but until I get to the grocery store I wanted to use what I have. Is there a site somewhere to input what you have and they make up a smoothie recipe for you that will work well together? My favorite green smoothie is lots of spinach, 1/2 cup of frozen chunks pineapple, 1/2 cup of frozen chunks mangoes, and 1/2 frozen (or not) banana, plus water to blend (1/2 cup or more) Kids love this one. It’s a bit on the sugary side so probably not the healthiest if you’re watching your sugar in take. You can sub any frozen fruit like berries though for lower glycemic index. Sometimes I even add hemp seed or protein and use almond milk or coconut milk. Fresh shredded coconut would even be great to sprinkle in after blending. I used to have the magic bullet which was totally awesome but it finally kicked the bucket after many years and for mothers day my family got me the Vitamix VS. YAY!! I’m so excited.

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