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    20 Free Printable First Day Of School Signs

    You know those little signs kids hold up on their first day of school? Here's a whole bunch of them-- so now you can embarrass your kids in style!

    1. Chalkboard Sign

    2. Too cute!


    Love these!

    3. First Day Signs


    What a great idea to add a sign holder to this first day sign!

    4. Changing Sign


    Love how you can change this first day of school sign from year to year!

    5. Different Patterns


    First day of school signs all the way to 12th grade. I am sure it will be no problem getting them to pose in high school!

    6. Superhero First Day Signs

    7. First Day Signs


    These are so cool!

    8. First Day


    These chalkboard first day of school signs go all the way to grade 12!

    9. Free Printable Chalkboard Sign


    Love these and they're already updated for this upcoming school year!

    10. Free First Day Of School Printables

    11. First Day Signs


    I love these. I remember those primer writing tablets!

    12. Free Back To School Printable Signs


    These free back to school printable signs are so cute with the scallops!

    13. First Day Graph Paper Signs


    I like these first day of school graph paper signs. Very different!

    14. Chevron First Day of School Signs


    I love all things chevron, especially these first day of school signs!

    15. Black and White First Day of School Sign


    I like how these will match pretty much any outfit!

    16. Back To School Signs


    These are very cool.

    17. Canvas First Day of School Sign


    Okay so this isn't a free printable, but it's a SUPER easy way to make your own that you can keep and hang!

    18. First Day Pennants

    19. Adorable First Day of School Sign

    20. School Sign


    These are so bright!

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