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Celebrate The Freaks!

The internet is full of weirdos...So here's a small, random selection of those who dare to share their normality defying ways. All sourced from

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9. Mr. Stabby

He's gonna need a bigger knife to stab all those people, especially "fat sluts in bikinis".

"Dislikes:Ignorant middle-aged, vegans who think they're saving the world being vegans and by promoting shit like PETA, stuck-up tightwads, stupid little girls askin for dick (stop trying to get me sent to jail), white kids who think they're crips and bloods, drunk and incoherent alcoholic sluts, richy bitches, pop music, emo and scene kids (you all can eat a dick or two), hardcore kids dancing in my mosh pit, kids who think they're 70s punks when they were born in the 90s, the Federal Reserve and the IMF, the FBI, the CIA, Corrupt Politicians (I know, which ones arent?), fat sluts in bikinis."

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