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    Top 5 Players Who NEVER Played At The World Cup

    Sure you call yourself one of the "greats", but you never played at a World Cup!

    5. Eric Cantona


    Manchester United may not have be where they are as one of the top clubs in Europe if not for King Eric. Despite his dominance, flair, and ability in England, Cantona was only capped 45 times for his country.

    4. George Weah

    He's a Ballon d'Or winner, and is considered by Pelé to be one of his 100 Greatest Ever living footballers. Unfortunately, George's country of birth, Liberia, was never able to qualify for the World Cup.

    3. Ryan Giggs


    Another Manchester United player. Ryan Giggs is the most decorated player in English soccer history, but that didn't help him play in a World Cup. The Welshman was pretty much guaranteed summer vacations every even-ended year.

    2. George Best


    Manchester United have a knack for finding great players from countries who struggle on the international stage. George Best was one of their greatest, but was never able to try himself against the world's best with Northern Ireland.

    1. Alfredo Di Stefano

    Considering Di Stefano represented BOTH Argentina and Spain, he still managed to never make it to the World Cup. One of the greatest players of all time, a combination of poor timing, bad luck, and injury, kept him from competing in the world's biggest competition.

    Top 5 Footballers Who NEVER Played In A World Cup

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