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    The Top 5 English Premier League Title Races

    This years Premier League race is going down to the wire, how does it compare though to our top 5 Premier League title races??

    5. 2002/2003 - Arsenal and Manchester United


    Before Arsenal played exclusively for fourth place, they contested in epic title races with Manchester United.

    4. 1994/1995 - Blackburn and Manchester United


    Yes, you're reading this correctly: Blackburn was a powerhouse in the Premier League at one point. Also, Tim Sherwood's hair.

    3. 1997/1998 Arsenal and Manchester United


    The good old days, eh Arsenal? Title races with Manchester United and coming out on top.

    2. 1995/1996 - Manchester United and Newcastle United


    Kevin Keegan finger-pointing and raging about Sir Alex Ferguson? Yes, please. Cue Newcastle title implosion. Advantage: Fergie.

    1. 2011/2012 - Manchester City and Manchester United

    It doesn't get any better than a last second goal to beat your eternal rivals to the title on the last day of the season.

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