16 Superhero Pets Ready To Kick Some Ass

Of course they’re perfect for cuddling and being super cute, but when the superhero suits are on, they don’t mess around. Check out these pets who know a thing or two about fighting crime, and see more badass superheroes in Kick-Ass 2, in theaters August 16th.

1. Can swing from doghouse to doghouse to protect any punk from messing with the backyard.

2. I hear a cry for help! Up, up, and away…right after a nap.

3. Just fueling up before protecting the world from assholes who are trying to take over. NBD.

laMarmotaCafe / Via etsy.com

4. Three legs are no disadvantage for this badass! Just try to fuck with him.

akaporn / Via Flickr: akaporn

5. I am ready to protect you from any alley cat that tries to harm you, Señorita.

6. You come at me, and I’ll hop the absolute shit out of you.

Fancihorse / Via etsy.com

7. One tough bitch ready to save the world.

8. Riding the streets to stop any shit stirrer from causing harm.

9. Step one foot on my pastures and your ass is grass!

Danny Evans / Rex / Rex USA

10. Less time worrying about the costume = more time for ripping villains a new one.

11. When they join forces, you do NOT want to get on their bad side.

12. Sent by the gods for the sole purpose of kicking some major villain ass.

SewingArt / Via etsy.com

13. Are you underestimating me because I’m small? Don’t test me, punk…don’t test me.

laMarmotaCafe / Via etsy.com

14. You’re going to wish you never fucked with me Dr. Butterfly!

15. How do you know you’re one badass superhero? Show up in some pimp wheels.


16. Or have the ability to fly because, well, it’s just fucking awesome.

Take a note from these pets and learn how to fight some serious Motherfuckers in Kick-Ass 2, in theaters August 16th.

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