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12 Everyday Villains That Want To Ruin Your Life

Evil villains have been thought to only exist in comic books, yet they are secretly plotting ways to f*ck with your day. And if you need to figure out how to deal with these villains, go see Kick-Ass 2, in theaters August 16th.

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1. ScareBro


Evil Super Power: Filling the land with douchebaggery by means of his venomous gas of body spray and blinding spray tans.

Spotted Raising Hell At: The club, the gym, Miami.

2. The Closer

HBO / Via

Evil Super Power: Born without the ability to care, The Closer wants the elevator all to themselves, and goes to extreme measures to make sure you're shut out for good.

Spotted Raising Hell At: Office building, apartment buildings.

3. MusicHell


Evil Super Power: Powers to fuck up anyone's day by playing songs at the loudest possible volume in public places.

Spotted Raising Hell At: The subway, the bus, outside apartment buildings at 3 a.m.

4. DentAss


Evil Super Power: Inflicting pain on helpless citizens through sharp cleaning tools (better known as torture tools) and lite rock radio music.

Spotted Raising Hell At: Only prey on victims in the privacy of their evil "dentist office" headquarters.

5. Bitchy Switchy

NBCUniversal / Via

Evil Super Power Uncanny ability to switch from kind gentle human to evil psycho without any warning and no real reason why.

Spotted Raising Hell At: The office, birthday parties, lying next to you in bed at night.

6. Hail Raiser

Via Flickr: david23

Evil Super Power: Hail Raiser senses when a citizen is hailing a cab and moves in front to steal it without any fucks given.

Spotted Raising Hell At: Any city street to ever exist.

7. Baby Bastard


Evil Super Power: Although small, these villainous babies have the ability to create loud screeches and cries in public places that will rupture anyone's eardrum.

Spotted Raising Hell At: Airplanes, family gatherings, churches.

8. Wash 'N Scold


Evil Super Power: Ability to not give a damn and remove your clean clothes from the washer one minute after the cycle is done to replace with their filthy laundry.

Spotted Raising Hell At: Their evil lair known as the laundromat.

9. The Motherlode / Via

Evil Super Powers: Although new to their powers, The Motherlode uses them to full force, constantly uploading pointless "cute" pictures and statuses about the spawn they created.

Spotted Raising Hell At: Any social media platform on every device known to man (aka you're never safe).

10. The Mood Killer

NBCUniversal / Via

Evil Super Power: Power to turn lighthearted conversation topics into depressing situations that make everyone want to leave immediately.

Spotted Raising Hell At: Family gatherings, weddings, children's birthday parties.

11. The Click Blocker

Just For Laughs Gags / Via

Evil Super Power: Also known as "Photographers", The Click Blocker believes that interrupting the natural routine of anyone's day is more important than their precious picture getting ruined.

Spotted Raising Hell At: Tourists attractions, famous landmarks, in front of beautiful trees.

12. Text Luthor


Evil Super Power: Blinding innocent citizens with the bright-ass lights from their cellular device.

Spotted Raising Hell At: Movie theaters, dance recitals, concerts.

But the one you certainly don't want to fuck with is The Motherfucker from Kick-Ass 2.

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