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15 Backwards GIFs That Transform The Story

It all depends on how you look at it. Be sure to take a look at the totally transformed all-new 2014 Kia Soul — it might surprise you!

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1. Before: Cool Cat Knows How to Ride Skateboard

After: Cat Purchases a Skateboard for His Beloved Owner

2. Before: Birthday Cake Turns into Food Fight

After: Family Does a Pretty Good Job of Cleaning Up

3. Before: Bath-hating Dog Finally Lets Loose on Soap Products

After: Pug Learns to Organize Shampoos in an Inconvenient Area, Means Well

4. Before: Sneaky Pup Grabs a Late-Night Snack from Unsuspecting Humans

After: First-Ever Dog Waiter Does His Job Magnificently

5. Before: Shamed Frog Loses His Dinner

After: Good Samaritan Fly Gives Frog a Ride Home

6. Before: Man's Best Friend Videobombs a Perfectly Good Vlog

After: Happy Pup Leaves Man Alone and Sad

7. Before: Kitty Loves His Owner Very Much

After: Kitty Would Appreciate It If You Left Him Alone Right Now, Please

8. Before: Autumn Treat Is Perfected with Addition of Sugary Glaze

After: Cruel Human Invents Glaze-Removal Machine; Nation Weeps

9. Before: Unsuspecting Woman Is Awoken Suddenly by Vacuum Cleaner

After: Local Woman Can't Fall Asleep Without Her Precious Vacuum

10. Before: Stuffed Bear Is All Of a Sudden Very Angry!

After: Stuffed Bear Counts His Blessings and Calms Down

11. Before: Selfish Cat Is Extremely Hungry

After: Cat Wins Prestigious "Most Selfless" Award

12. Before: Raccoon Pretty Much Just Acts Like a Raccoon

After: Raccoon Almost Wins Prestigious "Most Selfless" Award, Beaten by Cat

13. Before: Cutest Taekwondo Match in History Turns to Giggles

After: Local Taekwondo Match Starts Light, but These Girls Mean Business

14. Before: Commuter Is Put Off by Stranger Intimacy

After: Commuter Finds Comfort in the Company of Strangers

15. Before: Local Teen Confuses Parents While Demonstrating Latest Dance Craze

After: Local Teen Confuses Parents While Demonstrating Latest Dance Craze


Yeah. This one doesn't change.

From awesome to Check out the awesome transformation of the all-new 2014 Kia Soul.

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