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12 Ways To Update Your Life With Vintage Swag

Transforming something good leads to greatness. Check out the new 2014 Kia Soul for the perfect transition from awesome to awesome-est.

1. Bottle cap an old motorbike.

2. Create homemade bunting from vintage fabric.

3. Repurpose an old novel into a sketchbook.

4. Repurpose old christmas ornaments into a retro wreath.

5. Turn an old hard suitcase into a super cute dog bed.

6. Make candles out of old tea sets.

7. Create a laptop lounger out of an old fold-up chair.

An awesome way to get that vintage folding chair look AND keep your lap nice and cool.

8. Use old records as wall art.

9. Refurbish an old Airstream trailer.

10. Fill an old wheelbarrow with fancy drinks.

11. Yarn-bomb your antiques.

12. Use old cameras and slides to make a cool camera lamp.

Some changes you just don’t see coming…

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