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4 Reasons To Travel To Scotland!

Scotland is a great destination to visit on your Europe travels! If you're not convinced check out these four reasons we think you'll love Scotland!

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Scotland might not exactly scream summer holiday to you, but it should! This country is absolutely gorgeous all year round, but it’s particularly nice when the sun is out and greenery is at its peak. So incase you need any more convincing to book a Europe tour then check out our four reasons to travel to Scotland!

The Night Life

Like to party? Well you’ve come to the right place. The Scots love to celebrate and there will be no shortage of this no matter what town or city you visit.

Scotland is infamous for its amazing pubs and bars and there is guaranteed to be a great one within walking distance of where you are.

The Highlands

If you're based in Edinburgh and interested in taking a day trip to The Highlands, which I highly recommend, you can easily hire a car from one of the many places to do so in the city or book a tour for a more educational experience.

The Highlands in Scotland is one of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll ever see. The colours are astounding and it’s an absolute must for anyone visiting the country!

Edinburgh Castle

Make your way to Edinburgh or perhaps even base yourself there for the duration of your stay. This way you can see Edinburgh castle at ease and head to some of the best pubs in the country.

The Edinburgh castle is a historical landmark and for a good reason. There are plenty of free walking tours you can do that go into great detail in terms of the history of the castle and it is fascinating.

The Fairy Pools

In the Isles of Skye lies the Fairy Pools which are a natural phenomenon of cascading waterfalls that filter through naturally carved rock.

The pools have turquoise waters and are a popular place for taking a swim, though wetsuits are recommended to be worn when doing so because it gets a little chilly.

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