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Are You Tired Of Your Natural Hair? (JOUR 3050)

It is possible to get tired of our natural hair. You tend to seek other things to do with your hair, but if your hair is not really long it is hard for you to be versatile with it. So what can you do about it? Lets try some protective styles.

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What is a protective style?

A protective style is when you treat your natural hair, then you basically put your natural hair away to do styles with weave. These styles will protect your hair from heat damage or from tangling when you do not feel like doing them.

Rubber band method box braids

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Sometimes box braids can be damaging if the person who does them grip your hair, mainly edges, too tight. They have come up with an alternative to help protect your hair and make the process less painful.


This protective style is my all time favorite. There is nothing like a nice wig to put on at the beginning of your day and take off at the end. All you have to do is cornrow or twist your natural hair, so that it is flat. Add a wig cap on your head, then apply the wig. Style as desired.

Sew in weave

This is another protective style option. With this method you or your stylist will cornrow your hair down and thread the weave/tracks into your braids. This hairstyle is nice, but can be frustrating when your natural hair starts to get irritated and itch. Unlike the wigs, you cannot remove the weave at night and reapply it the next morning. Sometimes sew ins look more natural than wigs do.

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