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We've Got Your May Playlist Right Here

Really Beautiful Green Barz.

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1. "Mama Say" by Betty Who

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"Welcome to your fantasy, your wildest dreams, I'll show you things you never knew you liked." *cue body rolls*

2. "The Cure" by Lady Gaga

Rumor has it this song was originally made for ARTPOP but didn't make the final cut, which is why it sounds much different from her latest release, Joanne. Regardless, anything Gaga does is freakin' gold.

3. "Rumor" by K.A.R.D

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K.A.R.D is the newest co-ed K-pop group on the scene and they are already KILLIN' the game. As the third installment of their debut project, "Rumor" questions the stories told from friends outside of a relationship and asks, "you haven't actually found someone else, have you?"

4. "Swalla (feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)" by Jason Derulo

I'm usually not a huge Jason Derulo fan, but I don't hesitate to crank this whenever it comes on. You can infer from the song's cover that it's definitely got a colorful music video. Very vibrant...and sticky. Nonetheless, the song's a bop.

5. "Saturnz Barz (feat. Popcaan)" by Gorillaz

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In this song, Jamaican dancehall star Popcaan tells the story of his life over a trap-esque beat. This has to be my fave song off this album.

6. "Beautiful" by MONSTA X

This song deserves to be on every playlist ever, in my opinion. In the title track to their latest release The Clan pt. 2.5, the boys lament over the beauty of a love interest and admits that this person is "too beautiful to handle." Obviously they're talking about me, right?

7. "Green Light" by Lorde

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This song has been out for a few months, but I still think it deserves to be on repeat. Lorde's hypnotic voice and catchy rhythms create the perfect mood for those chilly mid month bonfires.

Still waitin' on that album, Lorde. *taps foot*

8. "No Vacancy" by OneRepublic

Three words: Ryan Tedder's falsetto.

9. "Really Really" by WINNER

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After being away for a while (and the unfortunate departure of member Tae Hyun *cries*) WINNER has returned to us with this cute confession in musical form. And honestly, I don't care who you are, everyone swoons when Jinwoo says "I like you."

10. "Eraser" by Ed Sheeran

Divide has been out for a bit, but this has to be one of the most notable songs on the album. Ed spits bars over funky guitar riffs and then serenades us with his buttery vocals as he asks for just one more drink. Anything for you, Ed.

11. "Bon App├ętit" by Katy Perry

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A different sound from Katy -- it's kind of got a mellow, synth-y vibe. I think I'm diggin' it, though.

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