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5 Questions International K-Pop Fans Are SO TIRED Of Answering

Why must we defend ourselves?

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International fans have it hard enough: we're halfway across the world from our faves, we're way too broke to order all the merch we want and to top it off, we have to answer THESE everyday...

"I know K-pop! Oppa gangnam style, right?"

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I mean, yeah. You know a K-pop song. There's more than just that one song, though...and please stop doing that stupid dance in front of me.

"Why do you listen to that stuff?"

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Um, because it's dope? Is there any other reason to listen to music?

"Wait, that's a guy?"

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"Can you even understand what they're saying?"

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Did anyone understand what Sean Paul was saying? I rest my case.

"Do you listen to (insert nationality here) music?"

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Of course! Just because I like one type of music -- that happens to be from a different country -- doesn't mean it's the only thing I listen to. It would be foolish not to take advantage of all the great music that's out there.

BUT...there is one question we are always happy to answer:

"What K-pop songs should I listen to?"

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Well, I thought you'd never ask! Step into my office, we've got a lot of ground to cover.

What other questions are you tired of hearing??

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