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10 Reasons BuzzFeed Should Hire Kia As DIY Editor

Successful blog? Pinterest junkie? Crafting skills? Check, check, and check.

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5. She spent 10+ years working (and crafting) with kids

Started babysitting at age 10, spent over 2000 hours in high school volunteering in preschools and kindergartens, completed several Early Childhood Education courses in college, worked at Head Start, worked as a counselor and photography instructor at a summer camp, and nannied in Ireland, France, and Australia.

8. Her projects have been featured on several top wedding, parenting, and home decorating websites

9. She's spent the past three years at a startup, so she knows how to multitask and get things done on a tight deadline

Responsibilities at Bloomspot have included: writing, editing, photo editing, syndicate marketing, photography coordination, operations coordination, banner ad creation, blogging, risk and control analysis, and more.

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