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12 Surprising Things You'd Never Guess Are Biodegradable

Who knew cat hair could have a purpose? Brought to you by the new Kia Soul EV, the electric car made with biodegradable materials.

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3. And those paper egg cartons that protected your breakfast.

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Either break them down to put in a compost, or create a starter garden that you can easily transfer outside once your plants are big enough!

5. Those packaging peanuts that got your package to you safe and sound.


After you've had your hours of mindless fun with these, packaging peanuts made from corn starch can easily break down when exposed to water.

6. Those socks that have one too many holes in them.


Just because they can't keep your feet cozy anymore doesn't mean they lack purpose. Cut up your 100% cotton socks (really, any 100% cotton clothing) and let them break down in your compost!

7. That wool sweater that's seen better days.

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If you have a 100% wool sweater that's a little too worn out to give away, cut it up and bury to be quickly broken down in the soil!

8. That pile of tissue paper after Christmas morning!

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Once you're done ripping it off that gift you always wanted, wrapping tissue paper can be put in a compost bin to give the Earth something to celebrate!

10. ALLLLL those pizza boxes that keep piling up.

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The go-to college food can actually do some good in this world. Cut up your 100% cardboard boxes, throw away any portions that have food/grease, and put in a compost to begin the breakdown!

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