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10 Celebrities Who Secretly Have Bands

Most people who become famous are talented in some way or another (you'd hope), but that doesn't mean they can do it all. Here are some of the most talented ("talented" in the broadest sense possible) celebrity bands you should know about. - Brought to you by the Kia Soul

1. Jada Pinkett-Smith (Wicked Wisdom)

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Wicked Wisdom released three albums in the mid-2000's and even toured with Britney Spears during her Onyx tour, a strange fit considering the band's sound is purely Nu Metal.

A sampling: "Forgiven"

2. Billy Bob Thornton (The Box Masters)

Scott Gries / Getty Images

Billy Bob Thornton's rockabilly ensemble has been together in 2007. They even released a Holiday album, entitled "Christmas Cheer" in 2008.

A sampling: "The Poor House"

3. Ryan Gosling (Dead Man's Bones)

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images / Via

Dead Man's Bones only released one album, in 2009, which was critically well received. The songs feature LA's Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir. While working on this project with fellow musician Zach Shields, Ryan went under the pseudonym Baby Goose. Adorable.

A sampling: "Name in Stone"

4. Maya Rudolph (Princess)

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

With the legendary vocalist Minnie Riperton as a mother, it's no surprise that Maya Rudolph would dabble in music—but her Prince cover band, Princess, exceeds all expectations.

A sampling: "The Beautiful Ones" (Ft. The Roots)

5. Bruce Willis (The Bruce Willis Blues Band)

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Bruce Willis plays a mean harmonica. And that's all there is to be said here.

A sampling: "Devil Woman"

6. Russell Crowe & The Ordinary Fear of God

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

Russell Crowe has been in a number of bands in the last few decades and this most recent musical project is definitely the softest of the bunch. Let Russell swoon you with his sweet, sweet soft rock.

A sampling: "The Weight of a Man"

7. Jason Schwartzman (Coconut Records)

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

After Jason Schwartzman left Phantom Planet in 2006, he started his super chill indie pop project Coconut Records. Since his last album was released in 2009, Schwartzman has shifted his focus to composing movie soundtracks under the Coconut Records name.

A sampling: "West Coast"

8. Kevin Costner (Kevin Costner & Modern West)

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Kevin Costner's country band the Modern West was formed a few years ago at the suggestion of his wife. Their debut album peaked at number 61 on the country charts.

A sampling: "Red River"

9. Dennis Quaid and The Sharks

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Dennis Quaid and The Sharks play good ol' Rock 'n Roll covers, and a few originals. If you want to check 'em out for yourself it's easy: a simple Google search for the band leads you to a handy booking request page (if that's your thing).

A sampling: "Great Balls of Fire"

10. Pagoda (Michael Pitt)

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Perhaps inspired by his role as Kurt Cobain in the movie "Last Days," Michael Pitt started his own angsty grunge band in the late 2000s. Why not.

A sampling: "Happy Song"

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