Where Has Your Childhood Gone?

A look at some beloved childhood heroes.

1. Hey, it’s Franklin.


2. He grew up to be Raphael from TMNT.


3. Little Bear!


One of my favorite bears.

4. He’s put on some weight, but he’s still working.


…Still can’t get him to wear pants.

5. Our other favorite bear, Rupert!


I always felt that he was so classy.

6. He lost the sweater for a suit of armor.


If you think he and Badger were just friends, you’re insane.

7. Clifford the Big Red Dog!


I can’t argue against the theories that claim that this show was just ginger propaganda.

8. He went on to star in some off-off-off Broadway productions.


He may or may not have suffered from opioid dependence for a short time.

9. And there’s Madeline.


10. She changed her name to Sister Aloysius Beauvier.


Trust me on this one.

11. Remember these guys?!


12. They didn’t all turn out so great…

…I feel you, guy! Life gets us all down sometimes.

13. And, so we all know..


14. Binyah Binyah is AGELESS!



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