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There's Not Alot You Can Do

Grammar Nazis hate "alot," like, a lot.

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So, maybe you're not a Grammar Nazi...

But grammar's important.

Seeing bad grammar hurts.

But hear me out...

There are a lot of compound words, right?

"So what..." --Right?

Well, they haven't always existed.

Why fight it?

I hear you shouting at me.

Don't roll your eyes...

I'm just trying to help. Take a breath.

History likes compounds. You can't win.

Everyday, somebody you know uses compounds. Nobody can avoid them. They're everywhere. Sure, "alot" isn't correct....yet. But one day, someday-- anytime now, it will be in common use. It will be acceptable. It's something you can't avoid. Everybody will use it. Even someone like you.

Don't cry...

There's still work to do!

There's this!

And this!

And here's a cat!

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