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    I'm Still In Shock Over These 10 NFL Wild Card Moments Last Week

    The Jags really deserved that win.

    10. Dawson Knox makes a one-handed catch for the touchdown

    photo of the play

    9. Brock Purdy eclipsed all expectations in first playoff start

    8. Tom Brady walks off the field with his future uncertain

    Tom Brady walking back to the team tunnel

    7. Vikings fail to convert on the fourth down in the late fourth quarter

    photo of the play

    6. Record-breaking three interceptions in first half

    5. Ravens come up just short on fourth and 20

    scoreboard reading "Bengals Win"

    4. Dolphins head coach, Mike McDaniels, appears to hit a vape during the game

    coach hitting his vape

    3. Brett Maher misses four extra points

    2. Tyler Huntley fumbles on the goal line

    1. And the Jaguars complete an improbable comeback