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    RE: BuzzFeed LIFESTYLE WRITER: 25 Life-Changing Taco-Themed Products

    It's your favorite food (obviously), so let's taco 'bout how you can make tacos part of your everyday life too.

    1. Find your new motto.

    2. Sport some elegant jewelry.

    3. Live your best life.

    4. And if you do exercise, show why you really break a sweat.

    5. Give your feet shells too.

    6. Keep it simple.

    7. Show that politics don't have to be divisive.

    8. Pin your love.

    9. Show off what's important.

    10. Spread the meowicle of tacos.

    11. Buckle down your love.

    12. Mutter the most important word.

    13. Dress it up.

    14. Put your love on file.

    15. Learn frugality.

    16. Set a positive example.

    17. Make a snuggly new friend.

    18. Show your guests what really matters.

    19. Add pizzazz to your phone.

    20. Wrap presents with love.

    21. Stay positive.

    22. Tote your love everywhere you go.

    23. Better any work memo.

    24. Search your inner desires.

    25. ...Or just be a taco.