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Hero Army Veteran Risks Life To Save Dog

Army veteran Aaron Schneider saved a beagle's life after the dog was found lying injured on the side of the highway in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO. — Many people would not stop to rescue an injured animal on the side of the highway. Aaron Schneider is not one of those people. When Schneider saw a car hit a beagle on Interstate 470 without stopping, he knew he had to do something. He crossed three lanes of traffic on the busy interstate to reach the dog and shielded him from oncoming traffic. Because of the dog's pain and defensiveness, Schneider could not pick him up, so he waited three hours for help to arrive. The dog had five broken ribs and a broken windpipe and also had internal bleeding. Upon his arrival at the animal hospital, he underwent an emergency blood transfusion.

Staff at the animal clinic that saved the dog named him Buster. Without Aaron Schneider's help, Buster certainly would have died, but he was given another shot at life. After a week of treatment and care, Buster was released to his new home: Aaron's Schneider's. Buster's hero is now his best friend.

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