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32 Cocktails For The 32 NFL Teams

The NFL season may not start until September, but you can celebrate Thursday's draft with a cocktail honoring your favorite team. Warning: these drinks might make you wish football season were here.

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1. Arizona Cardinals: Snakebite

The deserts of Arizona are home to dozens of snake species, and appropriately its state reptile is a ridge-nosed rattlesnake. Drink a Snakebite to honor the home state of the Cardinals.

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4. Buffalo Bills: Buffalo's Milk

This blended drink tastes like a milkshake enjoyed by children. This adult-only drink, can help you toast to the Bills and wish the team a good draft.

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5. Carolina Panthers: Carolina Sweet Tea

In the South, no drink reigns higher than sweet tea. Add alcohol, and you’ll be able the Raleigh the troops for some football fun in no time.

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7. Cincinniti Bengals: Bengal Tiger

This sweet, fruity drink is made with three kinds of alcohol and pineapple juice and is a delicious treat to enjoy when dreaming of Andy Dalton dominate opposing defenses.

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12. Green Bay Packers: Beer Margarita

What's better than beer or a margarita? How about a combination of the two? Make others green with envy as you cheer on the Green Bay Packers.

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13. Houson Texans: The Yellow Rose of Texas

What’s Texas without tequila? Combine the state’s favorite alcohol with your favorite team, and you’re bound to have a good time.

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15. Jacksonville Jaguars: Teal Squeal

This sweet, tropical drink is the perfect cocktail for fans from Florida, an you will show your support by drinking your team's color.

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17. Miamai Dolphins: Miamai Mojito

Twenty-five percent of the population of Miami is Cuban, and with the Cuban culture comes Cuban cuisine and drinks, including the famous mojito.

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19. New England Patriots: Red, White and Blue Shooter

Show off your patriotic streak by making these shooters, which are layered based on each liquid’s density, so the shots remain red, white and blue.

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20. New Orleans Saints: Hurricane

One of the city’s most popular drinks since the 1939 World Fair in New Orleans, Pat O’Brien created this rum-filled drink in order to get rid of the large stock of rum in his bar. More than 70 years later, the Hurricane remains a New Orleans staple.

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21. New York Giants: Manhattam

The MetLife Stadium might physically be in New Jersey, but it is only 20 minutes away from Manhattan. Drink up to one of the country’s most famous cities and cocktails.

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23. Oakland Raiders: Black Martini

The Raiders are the only team in the NFL with black as the primary color. It only makes sense to create a black-colored drink while watching your team.

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24. Philadelphia Eagles: Eagle's Dream

This gin cocktail is a frothy, light drink that is perfect for mornings. Drink the Eagle’s Dream and dream that the Eagles make the Super Bowl next year.

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25. Pittsburgh Steelers: Steel Helmet

The Steelers have some of the strongest fans in the nation, so it’s only fitting to provide them with a strong drink. This cocktail is very similar to a White Russian but includes Galliano floating on top as the “helmet.”

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26. San Diego Chargers: Charger Colada

This frozen drink is a combination of a Piña Colada and a Blue Hawaiian. In a city that rarely gets cold, this frozen drink is sure to be a hit.

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27. San Francisco 49ers: Frisco

The Frisco is a classic cocktail that miners ordered during the California Gold Rush in the 1850s. These miners became known as the 49ers, the team’s namesake.

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28. Seattle Seahawks: Espresso Martini

One of Seattle’s claims to fame is coffee. Express your love for the reigning Super Bowl champions and the team’s city with this espresso.

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30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Chocolate Pirate

Aye aye! This concoction combines the tastes of chocolate, coffee and rum and will ensure you have a swashbuckling good time with the Buccaneers!

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31. Tennessee Titans: Tennessee Honey Tea

Arguably the most popular alcoholic beverage to come out of Tennessee is Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey whiskey. Watch the Titans while drinking the state’s favorite drink.

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32. Washington Redskins: The Burgundy

The biggest fans are those who sport their favorite team colors the best. Make your cocktail match the burgundy color of the Redskins, and your fandom will be undisputed.

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