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23 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Kids

There's a reason children aren't called man's best friend.

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1. They don't yell at you or talk back.

2. Instead they listen to your commands.

3. They come when called.

4. And they never ignore you.

5. You don't have to ruin your body or go through the pain of child labor.

6. They never complain about the food they're given.

7. In fact, they don't mind eating the same food every day.

8. They don't throw temper tantrums.

9. They are house and potty trained much more quickly.

10. When they cry, it's for a reason. Kids never stop crying. Never.

11. They're always excited to see you.

12. They don't need babysitters.

13. You can openly show them affection no matter how old they are.

14. They don't hang out with bad crowds or make immoral decisions.

15. And it's okay to get them sterilized so there's no accidental pregnancies.

16. They're satisfied with the simple things and don't demand the newest toys or technology.

17. And they don't require expensive clothes or diapers.

18. They don't constantly ask for more money.

19. They are always happy to see you.

20. You don't have to pay for college or daycare.

21. They are easy to please.

22. They are never embarrassed of you.

23. Most importantly, they never lose their loyalty and always have unconditional love for you.

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